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Clinically Validated Formula

Clinically studied to be nearly 2x more effective than a comparable menthol-only pain cream.

That Means it’s nearly 100% better!

It’s as easy as pushing a button. Just rub it onto wherever it hurts.

Non-Greasy & NO Medicinal Smell

Introducing doctor-formulated Instaflex Pain Relief Cream—our most powerful joint soother ever!

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Let’s Face It: Who Really Understands Your Pain?

Your pain is real. And it’s a cross to bear.

Whether your neck is stiff as a board… or you can’t carry your achy body up that staircase without cringing… or you’re having a frustrating time keeping up with your family. It’s tough for people around you to really “get it.” To understand what you go through.

But one man has spent his 20-year medical career treating people just like you! He knows your pain is real. And he’s created a pain relief solution just as real. Imagine fast real relief with just one rub.

Works on Knees, Joints, Fingers, Back, Hips, Shoulders, Anywhere it aches!

Meet the Pain Doctor Behind Instaflex Pain Relief Cream

“There is no reason to tough it out, especially if there are safe, effective and convenient ways to feel relief.” - Dr. Pergolizzi

You may have already met Dr. Joe Pergolizzi on FOX News or PBS TV… Dr. Pergolizzi started as a physical chemist before attending medical school. He graduated with highest honors from Ross University School of Medicine in 1996. He’s since devoted his life to changing the lives of people in pain, especially the elderly.

His full resume is over 61 pages long. And he’s the author of more than 200 peer-reviewed articles, abstracts, platform presentations, and book chapters.

He has contributed to the definitive anthology, Postoperative Pain Management: An Evidence-Based Guide to Practice, as well as publications such as Scientific American.

His publications are sought out by medical doctors around the world on the lookout for the latest scientific breakthroughs in pain medicine.

—Dr. Pergolizzi

Senior Partner, Naples Anesthesia and Pain Associates, and Chief Medical Advisor for Instaflex Pain Cream

With his clinically validated formula, Dr. Pergolizzi is YOUR new pain relief specialist!

Discover the Clinical Study Behind Instaflex Pain Relief Cream

In the medical community, the randomized, double-blind clinical trial is the gold standard of medical research. This type of study ensures the highest possible accuracy and reliability.

73 patients participated in this study, testing the power of Instaflex Pain Relief Cream vs. a comparable menthol-only pain cream.

Some expected more or less equivalent results…

But after 7 days, those patients applying Instaflex Pain Relief Cream experienced almost 2x MORE pain relief in their muscles and joints than those applying the alternative.

These results were reviewed by 8 renowned researchers from respected institutions such as
✓ Duke University
✓ Temple University School of Pharmacy
✓ and New York University School of Medicine

The results were also published in the prestigious, peer-reviewed scientific journal Pain Practice, published by the World Pain Institute.

Instaflex Pain Relief Cream is clinically validated to be nearly 2x as effective. (Which means it’s nearly 100% better!)

Here’s the Instaflex Difference…

Instaflex is the ONLY pain relief cream with oxygenated oil.

The strangely soothing effects of oxygenated oil have been meticulously documented from biblical times.

Dr. Pergolizzi was residing in Germany researching musculoskeletal relief when a colleague revealed to him a kind of oil overloaded and overflowing with oxygen—the essence of life on earth.

Ordinarily, this oxygenation process takes 20 years or more. But… From a protégé of Professor Pierre Baranger (of France’s famed Louis Pasteur Institute), Dr. Pergolizzi learned a peculiar natural process that replicates the 20-year-aged oil in just 3 days…

And he mixed this rich, oxygenated oil into a new, deep-penetrating balm, adding therapeutic amounts of menthol—a potent pain reliever…

…to create a pain relief cream with properties so soothing even the biggest skeptic would be forced to believe.

Instaflex Pain Relief Cream is clinically backed by the supreme standard of scientific studies. Peer-reviewed and published.

You’ll Be Amazed This Can Be Bought Over the Counter!

And You Won’t Find This Guarantee Anywhere Else…

You must agree that Instaflex Pain Relief Cream soothes your achy joints and muscles twice as powerfully as any other pain cream you’ve ever put on. OR…

…we’ll refund every penny you paid.

In fact, if you’re dissatisfied for any reason … or no reason at all … we urge you to return even the empty container for a full refund.

No hassles. No catch. No questions asked.

An offer we simply could not make if we had any doubt about the hyper-effectiveness of this cream.

And not only that—but order now and you’ll receive free shipping, too!

The Truth About “Cheaper” Alternatives

Alternative creams aren’t what they seem. Bottom line, you get what you pay for.

Low-cost products often mean weak dosages, bargain ingredients, and lots of filler.

And of course if alternatives worked nearly as well as Instaflex Pain Relief Cream, they wouldn’t be priced as they are.

What’s the purpose of cheaper prices if products relieve your pain only partially as much, wouldn’t you say?

They Agree Instaflex Pain Relief Cream Is 100% More Effective...

Thinking this was more in my head than reality, I put it on the next day, but got the same results. This stuff really works.

-David V.

I go up and down stairs, which is really painful to my knees, so I apply [this cream] and the pain was gone!

-Miriam F.

My job is very physical and, at age 63, I feel aches and pains… I do not use pain medications. I ‘tough it out’, as they say. But then, one night I used it before I went to bed. It was incredible what happened! I am sold on this rub and will remind my trainees of its value when we do exercises. I’ll tell them this isn’t weak stuff. This is real relief for real pain.

-Jim M.

It’s so nice when a product delivers what it is supposed to do…I understand that pain needs to be addressed, in some form, immediately rather than toughing it out. This brought immediate relief to both my leg and hip pain. It is a top-notch product.

-Marion B.

I have arthritis in my hands and knees. Noticed improvement within 2-3 days…Don’t have shooting pains in my fingers when I’m using the computer—and now when I go for walks in the evening, I don’t suffer from knee pain! I love how easy it absorbs into the skin and it’s fast acting. Being pain free is less stress on me and now I can be more active. I love to go for long walks now with NO PAIN for hours!

-Patricia L.

* Users typically experience up to 59.5% less pain.

Twice the relief—or it’s free!

You don’t have to spend another day in pain. Instaflex Pain Relief Cream is clinically shown to provide fast, lasting relief for anywhere you’re in pain.

Plus, it’s a formula you can feel good about.

  • PABA Free
  • No Animal Testing
  • No Animal Products
  • No Steroids

Safe and non-addictive, pleasant smelling and non-greasy, soothing and moisturizing!

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